Volunteers - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the DCASE volunteer roles?

     A. Volunteers lead building tours (Chicago Cultural Center/Clarke House Museum), staff Info Desks and introduce guests to the Learning Lab and Welcome Center (Chicago Cultural Center), and help with greeting and wayfinding at events (Millennium Park, Taste of Chicago, etc.) Volunteers also lead outdoor public Art Tours starting/ending at the Cultural Center. Volunteer roles do NOT include event planning or management.

Q. What are the volunteer requirements?

     A. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and submit an application. If applicants' qualifications meet DCASE’s needs, the next steps are interview, additional paperwork, and fingerprinting.

Q. How long are volunteer shifts?

     A. Typically 3-3.5 hours. (1 hour for tours)

Q. What is the volunteer commitment?

     A. Some volunteers have ongoing, weekly schedules. Others help when available. Volunteers must commit to at least 1 shift every 6 months.

Q. Is there a fee to volunteer?

     A. No

Q. Do volunteers help with event planning?

     A. All events are planned by staff. The volunteer role at events is greeting/wayfinding.

Q. Do you have administrative volunteers?

     A. We do not currently have a need for administrative volunteers.

Q. Do volunteers need to be fingerprinted?

     A. Yes, through the City of Chicago (City Hall)

Q. Are volunteer roles accessible for those with disabilities?

     A. Yes

Q. What is the minimum volunteer age?

     A. 18

Q. Can I volunteer with my family/friends?

     A. Only if each volunteer has passed the requirements (above.)

Q. Can I get credit for an internship by volunteering?

     A. No. Internships are separate from volunteer opportunities and are listed on the city’s career page. https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/depts/dhr/provdrs/emp/svcs/internships.html

Q. Is there a volunteer uniform?

     A. Volunteers will be provided with a vest to use onsite at events and may be asked to wear a provided button, hat or other clothing item. (There is no cost to volunteers.)


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